Your shortcut to... The long road ahead.

Your shortcut to...
The long road ahead.

BarrUltra is a membership community for ultra-racers who don’t just want to get on their bike – they want to get on a team.


What do I get?

If you’re getting on board with BarrUltra, then it’s only right that you start to feel part of the team as soon as possible. So with that in mind, we have created three membership levels for you, depending on how far you want to travel!


Who we are

Our leadership team of Jillian Mooney, Joe Barr & Marc Poland have shared tens of thousands of miles, over multiple terrains, through long days and even longer nights. Click on each of our names to get to know us a little better, and find out who will be riding alongside you in the membership.

Do you need Nutrition or Performance coaching?

We do that too!

Nutrition With Jill TRAIN WITH JOE

Training camps

BarrUltra training camps are a week long ‘all you can eat’ buffet of cycling, connecting, and learning.


Ready to start moving?



For anyone who has ambitions to take their first endurance event, or for someone who simply wants to become a better cyclist, in my opinion Joe Barr is the coach that will make the difference.

Highly recommended.

A.C. Endurance Cyclist

From my first contact with Jillian I knew I was on a winner. Working with her has completely changed my performance on the bike.

She is so professional and a joy to work with and I also think that the service you get is very good value.

K.M. Performance Nutrition Client 

A+ roads, scenery, and hospitality made for lots of great memories!


Jillian and I worked closely together for 4-5 months, fine tuning my off-bike and on-bike nutrition.

Both her fine listening skills and her continuous research were enormously helpful to me.

D.O. Performance Nutrition Client

I was a novice cyclist, a busy working mum of three. Joe designed a bespoke training plan for my ability.

He is caring, knowledgable and listened to my feedback and adjusted my programme to suit my body.

H.M. Endurance Cyclist

I’m so much more informed and aware of my body.

I’ve learned to make the most delicious porridge bread and I look forward to finding and making lots more healthy snacks and meals for myself and my family.

T.R. Performance Nutrition Client

Are you BarrUltra?