Home place

Claremont, California, edge of LA county.

Why I Ride

I ride to show myself and other seniors, especially women, what is possible (I will be 80 next Feb). I ride to manage my serious and complicated spine problems, which let up significantly when I am riding regularly and I ride to support other senior cyclists.

What I Ride

For time trial’s (short or long) Cervelo P Series. For everything else, Colnago and Specialized Tarmac.

Favourite Race so far

Borrego Springs 6 hour. It’s close enough to home so that we can drive there and its very friendly and welcoming.

An endurance highlight

Also Borrego Springs 6 hour.

My most challenging moment

12 hour Maryland Endurance Challenge May 22, 2021. I had extreme cramping at 90 degrees, 90% humidity. All senior riders reported the same, younger ones had GI problems.

What I tell myself to keep the bike moving forward

Just one more mile.

Racing or Riding Goals

100 miles non-drafted in 6 hours. Setting new records in 80+ age group.

What endurance teaches me

Suffering is more bearable when dedicated to someone. Planning matters: food, fluids, pacing, and so on.

Favourite treat-food on the bike

I have not found it yet. Coffee.