Home place

Ashburn, Va

Why I Ride

I ride to find out my capabilities and what is my mental and Physical strength and how far I can push both!

What I Ride

Trek Emonda, Trek Speed Concept

Favourite Race so far

Looking forward to my first one

My most challenging moment

I signed up to do a cross country race/ride in India, 2100 miles in 14 days. I Partially tore my ACL on day 1( didn’t know at the time). My knee swelled up and had a lot of pain pedalling, i didn’t want to give up. I continued for another 6 days before I called it. My toughest moment was when I called my wife to inform her that I will be ending my ride.

Racing or Riding Goals

Set Multiple records. Shock the doubters

What endurance teaches me

There are no failures, even when we DNF, it is a lesson that we learn that will make us stronger and better.