tyler Hicks


Home place

New Bern, North Carolina

Why I Ride

I ride to challenge myself. Whether its a short ride or a long ride theres nothing out there that beats cranking those pedals in the sun (or rain lol). I ride to show myself that nothing is impossible as long as you put your mind to it!

What I Ride

Specialized Allez, Argon 18 118-zNEXT

Favourite Race so far

Psycho 48! The community and the event is like no other!

An endurance highlight

Psycho 48, my first ultra cycling race. This is what got my foot in the door of ultra cycling and haven’t turned back since! This race showed me what riding is really like.

My most challenging moment

May not seem like much but my first 12 hour was the most challenging for me. Mentally and physically. The heat index hit 113 degrees that day with our usual wind (around 15-20 mph). I mentally wanted to stop but knew I could complete it. Dehydration and cramps kicked in but with the right mindset nothing was stopping me.

What I tell myself to keep the bike moving forward

Just 10 more miles. Stop looking at the computer and enjoy the ride!

Racing or Riding Goals

  • The ultimate goal is RAAM. Racing goal is 700 miles in 48 hours.

What endurance teaches me

Endurance teaches me how to discipline myself. Don’t go out the gate to fast and pace myself. Every hour should feel like the first as long as you keep up with nutrition and hydration. Weather and terrain play a factor but just remind yourself “nothing beats fresh air and a bike ride”.

Favourite treat-food on the bike

Z-bars or waffles!