How much is that in my currency?

The above price covers the cost of your racing kit, the rest of your membership and its many benefits (all the benefits of a Racing Membership) will be funded by us and our valued Sponsoring or Supporting Members.

We know that ultra racing costs more than just long days and aching muscles. It’s a financial commitment, but with the mission of Barr Ultra being very much to ‘pay it forward’, it needn’t be a barrier.

We know you’ve got the will and drive for the sport, but we just want to kick you into a higher gear to get you over, around and through the obstacles ahead.

You’ll get a lot in your Scholarship year and we hope you’ll stay! Subsequent years follow the Racing Members rates of £400 per year plus the option to update your Race Kit at a preferential rate. If you’d like to, you can also drop into the Academy membership at £150.

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