A hearty welcome to White’s Oats – Title Sponsor of the Team Joe Barr 200

Jillian Mooney
March 29, 2019

Jill here – the mighty and humble oat, it’s a vital cornerstone in our performance nutrition plan both on and off the bike.

Simply said, if you want quality performance, in any walk of life, then you need quality oats.

They are the original and unsurpassed superfood. It just doesn’t get better than a bowl of steamy, creamy oats.

What’s not to love, it’s packed with nutrients, vitamins and minerals. It’s high in soluble fibre which brings so many health and performance benefits. It’s low in saturated fats but has a beneficial profile of unsaturated fats. Every single bowl provides a solid dose of amino acids, critical for recovery and repair.

But most importantly for performance, the carbohydrate it provides is the best kind, the slow-releasing kind which keeps your blood sugar steady and you fuelled for longer.

That’s right, quality oats keeps you moving forward for longer.

Why White’s Oats? Because the nutrition quality they provide comes from 177 years of heritage and milling expertise. These guys live and breath oats. They work with a trusted and dedicated network of farmers meaning there are generations of quality in every spoonful. Try them, you can literally taste the difference, which is why they have won over 40 taste awards!

We use their Jumbo Organic Oats pre-training and for our training and race bars and we’re looking forward to using their Speedicook Porridge Oats in the 3000+ mile Race Across America, June 2019.

For the toughest race in the endurance calendar we’re not leaving anything to chance.

We’re delighted that they have partnered with us and with all of you racing the Team Joe Barr 200. It’s a recipe for success and talking about recipes we’ll be sharing our favourite White’s Oats bars and bowls over the next month and during the run up to Race Across America.

Stay tuned, there’s a lot to learn about White’s Oats and the positive impact they can have on your performance.

Until then, eat your oats, remember it’s not what you put on your oats, it’s what White’s Oats puts in you.