Finding the Gear that Works for You!

Jillian Mooney
December 20, 2018

Joe here – we use gears to move ourselves forward.

That’s what they’re invented for, you apply tension or effort and the energy or pull-force generated propels you forward with greater speed.

We use gears in all parts of our lives. We ‘gear up’ for things, ‘choose’ a gear, ‘find’ a gear, ‘miss’ a gear.

I often see folks struggling with creating forward momentum on a bike. Either the gear is too low and legs spin, heart rate rises, muscles burn or the gear is too high and legs cramp, heart rate rises and injury beckons. Forward can come at a great cost, which is why folks stop pedalling.

Here’s a universal truth for you – there is always an economy of effort within forward.

Ask yourself – what’s the gear that matches the effort I have within me right now that can take me forward in the most comfortable way?

Finding the right gear in the right moment, given that the moment is comprised of so many internal and external factors, is an art.

It’s an art on a bike and it’s an art in life.

We have more gears available than we think at times and the amount of tension we apply to a gear is within our control by the way.

So please don’t be afraid to ‘gear up’ or ‘gear down’. If forward is the goal, then find the gear that moves you forward in the most economical way in each given moment.

Forward is a moment by moment art.

Sometimes you are more capable of turning a bigger gear and generating more forward force.

Sometimes gearing down preserves your momentum and allows you to recover.

Know that you have a choice. Use it wisely.

Here’s wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season, may you all find the gear that works for you.

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