Starter month


A full month of coaching that gets you moving towards the results you want.


First month


If you are paying in another currency, we can easily do that over on PayPal.

Monthly maintenance fees run at £90 or €105 per month, and for that you get another video call with written updates to your plans to keep you moving.

The access to me continues and there’s considerable knowledge transfer during these months, so you gain even more confidence to manage your nutrition without me.


My hugely popular STARTER month is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a full month of coaching from me that gets you moving with intent towards the results you want from your nutrition.

It works like this.

I send you a simple paperwork package. You fill it out and get it back to me.
We then spend an hour together on zoom where I get to understand a whole lot more about you, your life context, your responsibilities, and your goals.

Within 3 days of our consultation, I’ll deliver your personalised nutrition plan to your inbox. This is a detailed macronutrient balanced, meal-to-meal plan (along with additional recipe ideas based on your likes and dislikes). Don’t worry, if you’ve got no clue what the word ‘macronutrient’ means, I’ll explain everything to you during our zoom!

If you’re an athlete, you will also receive a personalised fuel plan and recovery protocol, tailored to your training.

But here’s the best bit. Your STARTER month begins on the day I deliver your plans. Then, through an instant messaging platform of your choice, you have unlimited access to me for your questions, feedback, and observations as things start to shift and change over the 30 days that follow.

As with anything, the more information you provide (and the more honest you are), the more targeted I can be for your goals. The more targeted I can be, the more we can accelerate your progression. Win-win!

When your STARTER month is up, you can decide to continue your work with me on a monthly maintenance plan, or if you feel confident enough, you can continue on your own.