The race in Joe’s words

New World Record

473.2 miles

The feeling of speed in the Florida 500 made my decision around the first timed event of 2023 easy – another attempt at being the first 60+ cyclist to break 500 miles in 24 hrs.

I surveyed a section of the Florida 500 route and submitted my application, to the World Ultra-Cycling Association for a 24-hr road record.

I rebuilt the Colnago Concept, my training was on point, and I went out to Florida early to train on the course. Everything was stacking up beautifully.

And then… the weather.

That’s the one thing you can’t control and over 24 hours it has a huge impact.

It was unseasonably windy with gusts of over 28mph in some sections. This was fine as a tailwind but leg sapping in the headwind.

It was clear from around 15 hours that I wouldn’t be able to break 500 miles but I still needed to break the existing record to get the World Cup points!

I broke that record by just over a mile. I’ve never had a race go down to the last mile like this.

All races hurt but this one holds a special place of hurt! Still, I secured maximum World Cup points.

QUOTE: “When it hurts that bad, you have to focus on the mind. Hold the mind and you can hold the hurt.”