What are Barr Ultra training camps?

Barr Ultra training camps are a week long ‘all you can eat’ buffet of cycling, endurance and nutrition. The group is limited in size (8-10) so that you get our full attention plus there’s more capacity to establish great connections with your team members.

We take Joe’s experience at pro-level training camps, which come with a laser focus on improving performance and mix it with Marc’s ‘learning has to be enjoyable’ attitude and impeccable route planning skills. We add in a healthy dose of Jill’s enthusiasm around nutrition both on and off the bike and her willingness to consult before or after daily training sessions and how could you not return home with enhanced bike skills, more connections and a greater understanding of how to nourish and fuel yourself both on and off the bike.

“A+ roads, scenery, and hospitality made for lots of great memories! “


Where do Barr Ultra ride?

Of course all of this happens in beautiful surroundings like the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina, the sunny island of Majorca or maybe the ‘not so sunny’ island of Ireland. We endurance cyclists like to be inspired by the places we ride and we’re not put off (too much) with the wet stuff that falls from the sky – right?

When are Barr Ultra training camps?

Barr Ultra camps will vary in location throughout the years, ensuring best possible combination of weather, terrain and overall participant experience.

A typical year will include two full-week camps (one in early spring and a second in the fall) and an additional long-weekend camp or two during the summer if Joe and Marc’s racing and crewing schedules allow.

“The 2023 Marc Poland/Team Joe Barr ultra-cycling camp was truly the “bomb”.  World class cyclists Marc Poland, Joe Barr and technical manager Jill Mooney have distilled years of racing and cycling knowledge into a package for absorption by attendees during the all-too-short week.  Good food, camaraderie and a beautiful cycling venue combine for a unique, high-quality bicycling escape.

Thanks, again!”


Tell me more?

Basically, each camp will include daily rides (with a choice of challenge level), delicious and healthy dinners sometimes prepared by your very own Barr Ultra leadership team and sometimes by a local chef. If you attend one of our camps in North Carolina you’ll be introduced to chef Jane. She’s a gem.

You will have a choice of group accommodation or you can find your own, plus there will be a series of facilitated discussions or presentation on topics relevant to the group such as season planning, race strategies, issues with training, nutrition, bike set-up – the list could go on and on!

You can see why we say it’s an ‘all you can eat’ buffet!

Who are the Barr Ultra training camps for?

Our Barr Ultra community is diverse in terms of fitness and riding goals, but we’ll strive to arrange each camp with a target audience of closely matched capabilities.

This means matching not only fitness (within a range of watt per kilogram) and competitive ambition, but also budget and level of off-bike nutritional indulgence and by that we mean numbers of beer post ride!

Racing Members receive a priority invitation plus 15% off.

But these camps are not just for Barr Ultra members, while they get priority invitation any spaces left over are available for YOU!

If you share a love of cycling and are curious about endurance, come and meet the team and ride with us.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the camp and look forward to doing another one.  I must admit I particularly enjoyed the smooth roads, interacting with the others at the camp, beautiful routes, and particularly having Jill at the camp to discuss my poor eating habits while riding.  Made the changes…..seems to be working.  Thank you.”


We’d love to have you.