I had a goal: To set the first female solo cycling record to circumnavigate Australia.  

A significant and daunting record. The route would take more than 14000km through remote areas and I would likely endure extreme temperature conditions.  

I needed an endurance coach, and I needed the right coach.  

My doctor at the time, Sinead Lynch (Jennings) had rowed for Ireland at the 1996 and  2004 Olympics and recommended I get in touch with Joe.  

I felt an instant rapport with Joe and Jill, their enthusiasm, and positivity, were immediately evident. Their contribution proved to be invaluable to achieving my world record.  


Joe designed a detailed training program aimed at maximising my recovery. It was achievable and realistic, building up to scheduled longer rides closer to my start date.  

Over the months that followed, despite the time difference between Ireland and  (wherever Joe was) various locations around the world, he kept in touch with me.  

Joe shared his extensive wisdom and offered unwavering support and guidance,  addressing my concerns on WhatsApp or Zoom meetings. We discussed potential issues and contingencies that enabled me to understand and plan for what lay ahead.  

During my attempt, I reached out to Joe, when I had concerns or daily challenges. Joe quickly responded, with his many years of experience he offered possible solutions and explanations that put my mind at ease and allowed me to focus and continue forward.  


Jill worked with me to develop a nutrition plan and ensured that I had the necessary fuel to handle my rigorous training sessions and to power me throughout the duration of my record attempt.  

Her expert knowledge and understanding of how the body works and adapts, played a vital role in my success. I have a stomach lap band, and as a 53-year-old, menopausal woman, special consideration was needed in order to fuel my body in the most efficient way possible.  

Jill meticulously monitored my blood glucose using Supersapiens, a continuous glucose monitor and checked these daily. Her expertise, compassion and attention to my well-being were empowering and I thrived under her watch.  


What truly sets Joe and Jill apart is their invaluable expertise, commitment, and a personal approach that is indeed genuine. Their demonstrated level of dedication and unwavering support have forever impacted my life. I cannot express my gratitude enough to Joe and Jill for their instrumental role in helping me set the first female, world record to circumnavigate Australia.  

It was a privilege to work with Joe and Jill whom I consider, family, such was their support.  

I wholeheartedly recommend this dynamic duo to anyone looking for unparalleled support and guidance in achieving their goals.