Working with Jill has been an absolute game-changer for me! She took a holistic look at my nutrition and pinpointed exactly why I was feeling so tired and generally rubbish. In all honesty, I had started to believe that it was normal to feel that way – I’d forgotten what the opposite even was.

Throughout our month together, with constant WhatsApp support, Jill suspected a vitamin deficiency and gave me the confidence to ask my doctor for a blood test. She was right!

Since starting the specific supplements she suggested and following her nutritional advice, I’ve never felt better! My energy levels are through the roof, and my mind feels so much clearer. Jill took all of my food preferences on board, and her menu suggestions are delicious, wholesome (not with pricy ingredients at all!), and work perfectly for me and my family.

Jill was incredibly patient and never judged my unconventional work hours (which was the reason for our call in the first place – I was struggling to maintain energy). In fact, I always felt fully supported, heard, and cared for. I can’t recommend her enough!